Forum Rules !


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    Forum Rules !

    Post by Admin on Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:23 pm

    1- Don't come with insults at the members , mods or administrators address!
    2- Don't post useless cues like "Cool" - "lol"... etc !
    3- Don't post fake informations, vulgars , defamers, racists, with sexual orientation or other informations looked upon as illegals on Romanian teritory.
    4- Don't write two messages one after another.. Edit the last post and add there type what you wanna' add!
    5- Don't make advertisement to another forum/site/or product etc. if he hasn't connection with "this forum" WE DON'T HAVE A LACK OF INTEREST!
    6- Don't post pornographic materials, or others types of illegal materials
    (warez, cracks, hacking etc etc) , including links to other sites
    which contents something like that!
    7- Don't make registerings using nick your personal website page or your brand/sign ; you'll get permanently banned!
    8- Listen always to the indications of an administrator or moderator!

    For every violation of this rules you we'll get one (1)warning , at (5) five warnings you'll get permanently banned! --> Warnings and suspends!

    - The ignorance of the rules of the forum nu va absolva of rules violation!!!

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